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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing attributes : Managing attributes

Managing attributes

An attribute is a label that you can use to tag or mark your process. Attributes are generally used by the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge and Business Process Modeler. For your convenience, Business Process Portal provides the following predefined attributes. The following table provides more information about these predefined attributes.
Table 29. Predefined attributes
The objective of the process. For example, to automate the order processing.
The goal of the process. For example, to reduce the order processing cost by 10%.
Organizational Unit
The scope of the process within the organization. For example, Sales and Distribution.
The entities affected by the process. For example, Sales Staff, Customers, Partners, and Dealers.
Process Type
The scope of the process type. The default values are BusinessProcess, MonitoringProcess, and SystemProcess.
The risks involved. For example, Time and money for training.
The benefits of the process. For example, High customer satisfaction, High retention, Increased revenue.
Whether the process is executable or not. For example, Yes.
Business Process Portal enables you to manage attributes by displaying information about existing attributes, adding new attributes, removing attributes, updating existing attributes.
You can manage attributes from the Administration module of Business Process Portal by using the Attribute List page as illustrated in Displaying information about an attribute. You can perform the following tasks from this page:
*Display information about an existing attribute.
*Search for one or more existing attributes.
*Create and remove attributes.
*Update the attribute information.
* Displaying information about an attribute
* Adding attributes
* Deleting attributes
* Updating attribute information