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Setting workstep properties : About worksteps : Workstep properties

Workstep properties

You can configure properties of a workstep, using the Properties view for that workstep.
Note: The Properties view is available for each process template element in Diagram and Overview tabs.
The Properties view for worksteps supports the following dynamic features:
*General tab: Allows you to define performers for Activity (see Specifying general properties of Activity workstep) and Adapter (see Specifying general properties of Adapter workstep) worksteps. You can also specify the workstep label (as it appears in BPM Portal) as well as define Overdue and Loop settings. For Start and Activity worksteps, you can also define the presentation format for the workstep.
*Dataslots tab (or in the Configuration tab for Managed Adapter worksteps or the Fields tab for Start or Activity worksteps): Allows you to assign dataslots to the workstep and modify them as they would appear on Business Process Portal. For more information on defining dataslots for a workstep type, see the Dataslot Properties description for that workstep type; for instance, for the Start workstep, see Using the Fields tab of Start workstep properties.
*Collaboration tab (only available for Activity worksteps): Allows you to select a level of collaboration and indicate the performers with whom you want to collaborate. You can also add such options to the workstep as reassigning tasks, adding Notes to a process, or sending Email or Instant Messaging.
*Messaging tab (only available for Start, Message, and End worksteps in Process Models): Allows you to select a message to initiate a process or a workstep; and to generate an outgoing message on the completion of a workstep or a process. Using this type of workstep provides a way to synchronize process events and to define actionable events at various stages of the process execution.
*Alerts tab (only available for Process Models): Allows you to add alerts to be associated with activation or completion of the workstep.
Note: You can also configure workstep properties using the Properties dialog box.You can open the Properties dialog box for any workstep by double-clicking the workstep or right-clicking the workstep and clicking Properties option.