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Using dataslots : Using system dataslots

Using system dataslots

Business Process Modeler provides predefined system dataslots for a Process Model project, which are displayed by default in the Dataslots tab in the System category and are designed to extend the functionality of user-defined dataslots. Predefined system dataslots are read-only and their values are assigned at runtime.
Note: You cannot modify, remove, or export a System dataslot.
The following table summarizes the predefined system dataslots.
Table 27. Predefined System Dataslots
Dataslot Name
Contains (at runtime) all the user-defined dataslots and the associated values for the user-defined dataslots in a Hashtable. The Hashtable key is the dataslot name.
Contains the creator (at runtime) of the process instance. The value of this box can be the login name of a Business Process Portal user.
Contains the priority (at runtime) of the process (not the workstep priority). This box appears in all automatically generated HTML forms. Restrict priority values to Low|Medium|High|Critical.
Contains the instance ID of the running process at runtime. This value is a unique identifier of each instance of this process.
Contains the process name (at runtime). The process name is a string formed by concatenating the process template name with a unique number.
Contains the process template name (SPT).
Contains the date (at runtime) when the process instance was started.
Contains the name (at runtime) of the workstep the process is currently executing.
Note: Business Process Modeler processes can only read the values of predefined system dataslots. The system dataslots are only available as input dataslots to the process.