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Defining and assigning performers : Defining performers : Defining an adapter as a performer : Using managed adapters
Using managed adapters
Business Process Modeler provides Managed adapters that enable you to define configuration and mapping between dataslots in a Process Model and inputs/outputs from a group of out-of -the-box adapters at process design time. Managed adapters are compatible with Business Process Modeler’s adapter configuration and mapping framework.
Process Modeler provides the following “out-of-the-box” Managed adapters for Process Models:
*DB Adapter: Provides connections to one or more specified databases, and enables you to quickly access SQL statements and parameters.
*Email Adapter: Enables Business Process Modeler to generate and send e-mail messages.
*File Adapter: Reads from and writes to a variety of file formats.
*FTP Adapter: Enables you to transfer files from and to your local file system, or an FTP server.
*JMS Adapter: Enables you to use Java Message Service (JMS) to communicate asynchronously with external systems and facilitates data exchange between processes and external applications.
*OpenEdge Adapter: Enables you to integrate Business Process Server applications with Progress® OpenEdge® solutions.
*Sonic ESB Adapter: Enables you to interact with Sonic® ESB to invoke a Sonic ESB process or service or send a message to a Sonic ESB endpoint.
*Web Service Adapter: Provides a connection to a specified Web Service, and enables you to map Web service methods to a dataslot in a Modeler process.
To specify a managed adapter as the performer of a workstep:
1. Click the Assign Participants link in the Tasks pane and expand the Adapters > Managed folder to display the managed adapters folders available by default.
2. Expand the respective managed adapter folder, then drag the adapter to an existing workstep (or a blank area of the Content pane) to add the adapter workstep.
The managed adapter is now assigned as a performer of an Adapter workstep.