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User's Guide
Managing gestures : Using custom gestures

Using custom gestures

You can now use your saved custom gesture in your process template diagram by replacing the default gesture set (default.ptp) with your custom gesture file.
1. Click Tools > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box (described in Setting Business Process Modeler preferences).
2. Expand Business Process Modeler > Diagram.
3. From the Gestures section, change the default gestures file (default.ptp) by clicking Browse beside the Gestures file box, then select your custom gestures file in GLF format.
4. To close the Preferences dialog box, click OK.
5. Open the process template diagram (SPT or SWT) in which you want to use your custom gesture.
6. Click the Show Gestures () icon from the Modeler palette, which now displays your custom gesture set.
You can now use your custom gesture set to add shapes to your process template.