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User's Guide
Configuring and running simulation : Configuring a simulation scenario : Configuring simulation parameters for a process : Setting the probabilities
Setting the probabilities
You can use the Probability tab in the Properties view to review or change probability settings for:
*Activity worksteps with multiple outgoing links.
*Activity worksteps with a defined loop condition (see Defining a Loop condition).
*Decision gateways.
To configure the probability settings for any of these worksteps:
1. Select a scenario from the Scenario drop-down list in the Simulation Control Editor.
2. Click the Activity workstep or Decision gateway to be configured, then click the Probability tab in the Properties view.
Note: To perform this operation, you need to understand how to configure multiple links originating from a workstep. For details, see Using multiple links .
The Probability tab displays the Default bar, which represents default links with no specified condition. Additionally, it may display the following bars:
*Conditional bars, which represent links with a specified condition.
*Looping bar (only for Activity worksteps), if the workstep contains a loop condition.
*Compensation bar (only for Activity worksteps), which represents links with a compensation flow.
The sum of the Probability values (on the right side) always equals 100%.
3. You can modify the probability value of all bars, except the Default bar. Use your cursor to move any of the probability bars to the right or left, or specify a value in the adjoining box. This automatically adjusts the value in the Default bar.
4. For worksteps with multiple conditional links, you can also add a Multiple Condition bar, which represents a condition when multiple conditional links are executed (that is, when the condition in all the links are satisfied).
Note: You cannot add a multiple condition bar for an Exclusive Decision gateway.
a. Click Add to open the Conditional links dialog box, which displays all the conditional links from the workstep.
b. Click the conditional link to be added. Press CTRL, and then click the other conditional link to be added. You need to select at least two conditional links to enable the OK button.
c. Click OK to add a multiple condition bar to the Probability tab. You can now adjust the probability value for this bar, as explained in Step 3.
To remove a multiple condition bar, select the bar and then click Remove. You cannot remove any of the other probability bars.