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User's Guide
Working with the Overview page : Managing tasks : Performing other operations

Performing other operations

After adding tasks, you can perform any of the following operations using the toolbar in the Overview tab.
*You can expand (and collapse) the entire task list in order to view (or hide) all elements. To expand the list, click the Click to expand all nodes () icon. To collapse the list, click the Click to collapse all nodes () icon.
*To remove a task, select the task and click the Click to remove () icon.
*To group tasks into an inline subprocess, select the tasks and click the Group tasks () icon. This inserts a subprocess task of type, “Embedded subprocess” and contains the grouped tasks between a Start and End workstep. To ungroup the tasks, select the subprocess task and click the Ungroup Tasks () icon.
Note: You cannot add nor delete group tasks for sorted and filtered (by workstep type and by advanced properties) data.
*To change the position of a selected task, click the Move up () icon or the Move down icon (). Changing the position of a task does not alter the task’s predecessor and successor.
*To view any task in the Diagram view, select the task and then switch to the Diagram view.
*You may need to restore the added tasks to its original order. To do so, click the Restore Default Order of Tasks () icon.
Note: You can design an entire process template in the Overview tab, without switching to the Diagram tab. To ensure that all changes in the Overview page are integrated seamlessly in the Diagram view of the process, see that the Auto Layout functionality is enabled in Preferences dialog box (see Setting Business Process Modeler preferences).