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Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Adapter worksteps : Using the Dataslots tab of Adapter workstep properties : Mapping dataslots in an Adapter workstep
Mapping dataslots in an Adapter workstep
Mapping dataslots play an important role in adapter worksteps. Mappings enable you to pass data between dataslots in a process and methods in an adapter, and to automatically handle occasions when the names of the dataslot do not match the names of the adapter methods.
When you define a dataslot as an input to an adapter, BP Server invokes a corresponding set method in the adapter to assign the dataslot value to the variable in the set method (adapter). Similarly, to retrieve a variable from an adapter to a dataslot, BP Server invokes a get method at run time.
Note: For information on configuring and mapping any of the managed adapters, see the relevant chapters in the Managed Adapters Guide.
To map dataslots in an adapter workstep to a method in an external adapter:
1. From the adapter workstep Properties view, assign the dataslots for the adapter workstep, as described in Using the Dataslots tab of Adapter workstep properties.
The Fields view, which is displayed by default, shows dataslots as Input to the adapter, Output from the adapter, or both.
2. Select the Advanced option from the drop-down list.
The Advanced view automatically creates and displays the set methods used for Adapter inputs and the get methods used for Adapter outputs.
3. To edit an adapter input (set method), select an adapter input as displayed in the Advanced View and click Modify to open the Field properties dialog box.
4. Click the ellipsis button beside the Adapter input(s) box to open the Adapter input(s) dialog box.
5. Enter a new set method name in the text box provided and click Add, which adds it to the list in the Adapter input(s) dialog box.
Note: To delete a set method, select it from the list and click Remove. To change the sequence of listed set methods, use the Move up and Move down buttons.
6. After defining the set methods, click OK to return to the Field properties dialog box.
7. To add an adapter output (or get method), enter a name in the Adapter output box.
8. Click OK, returning to the Dataslots tab of the Properties view.