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User's Guide
Working with Business Calendar : Using the Business Calendar tool : Managing calendars

Managing calendars

You can perform the following operations to manage calendars.
*To add a calendar, click the Add () icon from the Calendar tool, to add a calendar (example, “Calendar1”) to the Calendar drop-down list.
Note: Each added calendar (Calendar1, Calendar2, and so on) is a copy of the configuration set in the working schedule of the default calendar.
*To rename the added calendar, click the Rename () icon to open the Calendar name dialog box.
1. Type the modified name of the calendar.
2. Click OK to rename the calendar.
*To delete a calendar, select the calendar in the Calendar drop-down list, then click the Remove () icon. The Business Calendar tool prompts you for confirmation. Click OK to remove the selected calendar.
Note: You cannot rename nor delete the default calendar.