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User's Guide
Working with the Overview page : Introducing the Overview page

Introducing the Overview page

The Overview page (or tab) provides a project-oriented approach - including activity timelines - to designing a process, where you can add a set of tasks (or activities), define their relationship, and configure the properties, without switching to the Diagram tab.
The Overview page provides the following benefits:
*You can reduce process design time by over 30% by using the Overview page.
*You can filter process elements in the Overview page for analysis. For example, you can choose to view only Tasks or Adapters.
Both the diagram and tabular views provide different views of the same process. The following are the important common features:
*Any changes made in either of the views are reflected in the other view, when activated.
*All the process template elements in the Diagram view (except for Notes, Swim lanes, and Phases) are also available in the Overview page.
*The same Properties view for the process and for each workstep is available in both views.
*As in Diagram view, you can group tasks in the Overview page and then convert it to an inline subprocess.
* Reviewing the Overview page