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User's Guide
Developing Business Process Modeler projects : Using a process file as a template : Importing XPDL files

Importing XPDL files

Business Process Modeler supports the XML Process Definition Language (XPDL), which is a standardized format used for interchanging business process definitions across different workflow products.
XPDL enables an efficient exchange of BPMN diagrams by:
*Storing all aspects of a BPMN diagram, including graphical information such as the X and Y position of the nodes, as well as the the executable aspects required to run a process.
*Including extensions to handle the new BPMN 1.1 constructs, as well as clarification of conformance criteria for implementation.
Business Process Modeler allows you to import process templates, which conform to XPDL version 2.1 specifications.
Note: Business Process Modeler does not support importing process templates containing vendor-specific information. For information regarding vendors and product versions supporting XPDL version 2.1, contact our Product Support team.
To use an exported XPDL file as a template to create a new process in Business Process Modeler:
1. In the second page of the BPM Project wizard, select the Use an existing file from file system as template option, then click Browse to open the Select File dialog box.
2. From the Files of type drop-down list, select the XPDL option, then select the XPDL file, which you want to use as a template for your new process.
3. Follow the instructions listed in Using a process file as a template, to use the XPDL file as a template for your new process template.
You can export process templates to XPDL version 2.1, as described in Exporting the process template.