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Managing gestures : Creating custom gestures : Using the Gesture Editor : Guidelines for gestures
Guidelines for gestures
The guidelines to be followed when designing a gesture are listed below:
*The starting point of a gesture is important. You can use the starting point to distinguish several similar shaped gestures.
*You can use the direction to create two different gestures for the same shape. For instance, you can use a clockwise-drawn circle for a Start workstep, and anti-clockwise circle for the End workstep.
*Always create multiple gesture samples for each action. This ensures that the gesture recognition algorithm compensates most of the variations, thus resulting in reliable recognition.
*Do not try to be too precise when drawing the gesture sample. Do not make the sample size too big or too small. Draw them as you would when using them in practice.
*Draw each gesture with a single move of the mouse. Releasing your mouse indicates the end of the gesture.