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User's Guide
Using dataslots : Creating user-defined dataslots : Dataslot properties : For a DATETIMETZ dataslot
For a DATETIMETZ dataslot
You can configure the properties of a DATETIMETZ dataslot in the respective sections (same sections as that for CHARACTER dataslot) of the Dataslots tab. For information on CHARCATER dataslot properties, see For a CHARACTER dataslot. The only difference is in the Initial Value section, which is described below.
You can use the Initial Value section to specify the initial value of the dataslot.
1. Select the Date option to use the calendar to set the date. You can modify the default date by clicking the icon. You can also enter the specific time in hour, minute, and second, which you want to use for the dataslot. This dataslot converts string to date-time formats and vice versa.
Alternatively, select the Start Time option to use the “@STARTTIME” dataslot value as the starting time for the DATETIMETZ dataslot.