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User's Guide
Developing Business Process Modeler projects : Exporting BPM applications

Exporting BPM applications

You can use the Export BPM Applications wizard to export a BPM project and its associated artifacts from the current workspace to a compressed ZIP format.
This wizard enables you to export the following artifacts of a BPM project:
*Business Objects
To export a BPM project and its associated artifacts:
1. Select File > Export > BPM Applications from the main menu bar.
The Export BPM Applications window appears.
2. Select the Automatically select dependent project check box to select dependent artifacts from other associated BPM projects.
For example, if you select a business process that uses another business process from a different BPM project as a subprocess for an activity, the dependent artifact such as the subprocess (business process from another BPM project) is automatically selected to export.
3. Select the BPM project from the Projects section.
Note: By default, the artifacts associated with the selected project are selected in the Artifacts section.
4. Select from the Artifacts section the artifacts of the project that you want to export.
Note: The artifacts associated with the selected projects are automatically selected. Clear the check box of an artifact you do not want to export.
5. Click the Select All button to select all the projects and its artifacts.
Note: Click the Deselect All button to clear your selection of all the projects and its artifacts.
6. Click the Browse button to select the directory in to which you want to export the selected resources.
You can specify the directory path as the export location for the ZIP file.
7. Click Finish.
The selected BPM project and its artifacts are exported and saved in a ZIP file in the selected directory.
You can then use the Import BPM Applications wizard to import the ZIP file to copy the exported BPM project and its artifacts into another workspace.