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Defining workstep presentation format : Defining workstep presentation : Defining Auto-generated HTML presentations

Defining Auto-generated HTML presentations

Business Process Modeler provides a default HTML presentation for Start and Activity worksteps, automatically generated at runtime in Business Process Portal. For instance, the Assignment sample application uses the auto-generated format.
Business Process Portal uses the Header options and dataslots specified in the workstep’s Properties view in Business Process Modeler. In addition to Header options that include the Instruction and Priority fields directly under the heading, Business Process Portal also displays fields corresponding to the read-only and editable dataslots specified in the Fields tab in the workstep’s Properties view. For example, the Task name, Assignee, Priority, Due Date, and Instructions boxes in the view are editable; that is, you can enter data in these fields and the data is passed on to the next workstep.