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User's Guide
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Start workstep : Using the Fields tab of Start workstep properties : Adding dataslots
Adding dataslots
You can add user-defined dataslots to the Fields section in the Fields tab.
To do so:
1. Click Add to open the Add dialog box, which lists all the dataslots available to the process.
2. Select one or more dataslots and click OK to add them to the workstep.
You can modify a dataslot listed in the Fields section by selecting it and clicking Modify, displaying the Field Properties dialog box where you can edit the selected dataslot’s properties.
To remove a dataslot listed in the Fields section, you can click Remove. Click Move Up or Move Down to change the sequencing of a selected dataslot.
Important: We recommend that you do not use dataslots with predefined values in a Start workstep.
Note: For Process Models, you can use the Alerts tab to associate an alert with a Start workstep when it is completed. For more information, see Associating an alert with a workstep.