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Managed Adapters Guide
File Managed Adapter : Working with the File Adapter : Configuring the File Adapter : Using the Text Format plug-in
Using the Text Format plug-in
The Text Format plug-in can be used for the Email Managed Adapter and the File Managed Adapter.
To configure and map the Text Format plug-in:
1. For a File Managed Adapter, open the File Adapter Configurator dialog box. Select the Mode as Write or Append, and enter the file name, preferably pointing to your temporary directory. The Text Format plug-in does not have any extra configuration and the format-specific tab (File Format tab) is not enabled.
For an Email Managed Adapter, open the Email Adapter Configurator dialog box (refer to Configuring the Email Adapter). Click Add to add a new part to the message. Select Text from the options in the enabled cell in the Format Plugin column.
2. Click OK. The Dataslot Mapping box is displayed.
Alternately, from the Configuration tab in the Properties view, click Change mapping to open the Dataslot Mapping dialog box.
3. In the Source drop-down list, select a dataslot where your text should come from. The value of this dataslot will be stored in your output file. Note that depending on the File Adapter configuration, the mapper window may look different or may contain additional fields.
4. Click OK. The File Adapter is now fully configured for text files.