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Managed Adapters Guide
SharePoint Managed Adapter : Working with SharePoint Adapter : Using SharePoint Adapter as an Adaplet

Using SharePoint Adapter as an Adaplet

SharePoint adapter should be configured before invoking it through Adaplet feature.
Adaplets contain the same functions that Managed Adapters have, but are more compact—for example, they can be included in a form without adding a separate Adapter workstep or additional dataslots. Using an adaplet enables you to add a configured adapter to a workstep’s presentation form and associate it with a form element.
To invoke the Sharepoint Adapter using Adaplet:
1. Create the preconfigured SharePoint adaplet in your process.
2. Add the button, button1 in your form and add the onClick event to this button.
3. Using Graphical Event Logic (GEL) tool, add the "Invoke adaplet" expression for this event with the and select the adaplet name.
4. Click Save.
*Multiple files cannot be uploaded to List Item while using Adaplet.
*While downloading multiple files using Adaplet, a .zip file gets saved to the destination folder.