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Managed Adapters Guide
FTP Managed Adapter : Troubleshooting the FTP Adapter

Troubleshooting the FTP Adapter

If you encounter problems when using the FTP Adapter, you need to check the following points:
*When transferring data from or to Document dataslots, make sure the dataslots were selected properly in the map configurator. Note that files can be downloaded only from single-document dataslots.
*If you encounter problems creating or accessing a file on the local file system, make sure that you have properly specified the file name and path, and that the path and file are available at the computer, where the Business Process Server is running. Make sure that the directory and file you are trying to access have permissions allowing the server to read or write to it.
*If you cannot upload or download from an FTP Server, confirm that the server/port/username/password parameters you specified are correct. Try connecting to the FTP server, and make sure that the directory and file you specified are present at the FTP Server and with the appropriate access permissions. If you have problems establishing the FTP connection, you can try selecting the Passive check box in order to connect in the passive mode.
*If the preceding tips do not help, check the FTP Adapter log file, and the BP Server/BPM Webflow log files. For BP Server applications, the FTP Adapter log file is located in the <OEBPS_HOME>\ebmsapps\<APPLICATION_NAME>\log directory; for Web (BPM Webflow) applications, the log file is in the <OEBPS_HOME>\bpmwebflow\<APPLICATION_HOME>\log directory. The bpserver.log and bpmworkflow.log files are located in the OEBPS_HOME\logs directory.