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Managed Adapters Guide
Email Managed Adapter : Sending messages to multiple recipients

Sending messages to multiple recipients

The Email Adapter is capable of sending multiple messages to a group of recipients, all in a single workstep. Each message may be customized for the specific recipient. The following rules govern using the Email Adapter to send messages to multiple recipients:
*For each recipient in the "To:" list, a separate email message is sent. You can send a number of messages without the recipients seeing each other’s addresses. If you want only one message to be sent, use the Cc: or Bcc: field. You must have at least one address in the To: field, however.
If the mail.dispatch parameter is set to "single" as described in Preconfiguring the email adapter topic in Progress OpenEdge Business Process Modeler: User's Guide, then a single message is sent to all the recipients listed in the "To:" field, as the message customization is disabled.
*If the "To:" field is mapped to a LIST dataslot (but not a CHARACTER dataslot, containing a list of addresses), the message body is customized for each recipient in the list. This means that if any of the other adapter inputs are mapped to a LIST dataslot, the corresponding values from those dataslots are used for each recipient’s message. For example, if you have a LIST dataslot named "TO" with the following values:,,
and another LIST dataslot, "NAMES", that contain the names of the following people:
    Joe Black, Albert Green, Jeff White
when the "To" field is mapped to the "TO" dataslot, and a variable (say $customerName) in the message body text is mapped to the "NAMES" dataslot, the message sent to has the name "Joe Black" as value of $customerName, the one sent to has the name as "Albert Green", and so on.
At the same time, if you have another variable used in the message body (for example, $announcementDate), and this variable is mapped to a non-LIST dataslot (for example a Date dataslot), the value is the same for all messages sent to the different users.
The same rules applies to any variables in the message subject.
Note: If you are sending the message to a number of "To"- recipients, and at the same time have some addresses in the "Cc:" or "Bcc:" fields, each of the "Cc"- or "Bcc"-recipients receives a number of messages–one message per "To"-recipient.
* Using a LIST dataslot in the Email Adapter