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Managed Adapters Guide
Sonic ESB Managed Adapter : Working with Sonic ESB Adapter : Configuring the Sonic ESB Adapter : Selecting Sonic ESB address
Selecting Sonic ESB address
You can use the Send To tab of the Sonic ESB Adapter Configurator to select the Sonic ESB Address (Process, Service, or JMS Endpoint) to be used for connection. You can select any of the following options from the Send To tab:
*Process: to invoke a Sonic ESB process.
*Service: to invoke a Sonic ESB service.
*JMS Endpoint: to send a message to the selected endpoint.
Depending on your selection, the table provided is populated with the appropriate type of retrieved data.
Note: To ensure proper functioning, you need to ensure that at the Adapter execution time, the selected Sonic ESB address (Process, Service, or JMS Endpoint) is available on the Sonic Broker server as pointed by the Broker Alias value provided.
To select Sonic ESB address:
1. From the list of retrieved values in the table, select any entry to display the same in the ESB Address read-only box. You can also filter the table entries by entering an appropriate filter text in the Filter box.
Lists the retrieved processes along with description for each process.
Lists the retrieved services along with the service type.
JMS Endpoint
Lists the retrieved endpoints along with type (Queue or Topic).
2. From the Delivery Mode drop-down list, select the appropriate message delivery mode. The available options are PERSISTENT, NON_PERSISTENT, DISCARDABLE, NON_PERSISTENT_ASYNC, NON_PERSISTENT_REPLICATED, and NON_PERSISTENT_SYNC. Refer to the Sonic product documentation for information.