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Managed Adapters Guide
JMS Managed Adapter : Tutorial 3: Using the JMS Adapter in Send-Only and Receive-Only mode : Mapping the send workstep dataslots

Mapping the send workstep dataslots

To map the Send workstep dataslots:
1. The Dataslot Mapping dialog box automatically opens after configuring. Alternatively, in the Configuration tab of the Send workstep Properties view, you can click Change mapping to define the mapping for the message payload.
2. If the JMS Adapter was just sending the message and no response was expected, this should be enough. However, in this case, the sending adapter must also store the correlation ID of the message in a dataslot, where it can be used by the receiving adapter. Click the Runtime Setup tab.
3. Select CorrelationID in the Target list so that the correlation ID of the message just sent will be stored in the CorrelationID dataslot.
4. Click OK to complete the mapping, then click OK to close the Properties dialog for the Send workstep.