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Managed Adapters Guide
File Managed Adapter : File Adapter features

File Adapter features

The File Adapter features include:
*Supported file formats:
*Text, for text files
*Delimited, for delimited-text files (for example, comma-separated values)
*XML, for extracting data from XML files or generating XML.
*Velocity Templates, for Text, XML, HTML, PostScript and other formats, all generated with the Velocity template engine.
The text files generated by the File Adapter use the 0x0A end-of-line character. Certain DOS and older Windows programs and utilities may not recognize the new line character, since they may require the 0x0D;0x0A character sequence for an end-of-line separator. Make sure you use the appropriate utility to manipulate such files. For example, if you encounter problems using the Notepad editor, use Wordpad to edit or view text files generated by the File Adapter.
*Custom formats allowed with a plug-in development kit as described in Writing custom format plug-ins topic in Progress OpenEdge Business Process Modeler: User's Guide.
*The File Adapter uses the default MapConfigurator GUI as described in Understanding the Managed Adapter framework