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Managed Adapters Guide
Web Service Managed Adapter : Fault handling

Fault handling

The WebService manager adapter execution gets suspended when it receives an exception while invoking the operation in the target web service. Some of the exceptions thrown by the target web service might have already been described in the WSDL as Faults for that operation. These faults are equivalent to the checked exceptions in Java. Based on the needs of the application, the application might want to catch the fault and take the necessary action.
You can map the fault to a dataslot, as described in the Dataslot mapping for fault handling. You can find out if an exception is occurred or not, by checking the values of the dataslots configured for faults. If there is no exception, the dataslots mapped to the faults will not be set.
All the other exceptions not described as faults suspends the adapter execution.
* Describing a fault
* Fault handling in Adapter Configurator
* Mapping an XPath expression to a user-defined parameter
* Dataslot mapping for fault handling