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Managed Adapters Guide
JMS Managed Adapter : Tutorial 1: Using the JMS Adapter in Send-Only mode : Defining the process workflow for the Send-Only mode

Defining the process workflow for the Send-Only mode

To define process workflow for send-only mode:
1. Create a new business process named "JMSAdapter_SendOnly."
2. Click the Dataslots content pane tab and define the following dataslots that are used to store our product information:
Dataslot name
Data type
3. Create a process workflow consisting of three worksteps as shown in the following figure.
Figure 14. Process workflow for the Send-Only mode
4. The ProductInfo workstep is used to enter the product information. Right-click the workstep, select Properties, and add the three dataslots we defined in Step 2.
5. Complete defining properties of all the human-performed worksteps, before configuring the JMS Adapter. Open the Properties view for the Confirmation workstep and add the Name dataslot in the same way as in Step 4.
6. Add and configure the "SendMessage" JMS adapter workstep, which actually generates and sends the message.
Note: The GenericJMSAdapter adapter instance is used to denote a non-preconfigured, generic JMS adapter. Sometimes, an adapter configuration may be quite complex, so you may wish to preserve it and reuse it across several processes. In this case, you can define your own adapter instances, that show in the Name field along with the GenericJMSAdapter.