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Managed Adapters Guide
Email Managed Adapter : Working with the Email Adapter : Configuring the Email Adapter : Defining the message body and configuring the format plug-ins
Defining the message body and configuring the format plug-ins
After defining the structure of the message, you must define the message contents by configuring the format plug-ins used in the message. You can add velocity templates or XML data etc.
To define message contents by configuring format plug-ins:
1. Open the Content tab, which contains two tabs, the Subject and Body tabs, one for each format plug-in defined when constructing the body of the message. For Attachment, there is no tab as it does not require any configuration at this stage.
2. The Edit Template window allows you to select the Language.
a. The template contains variables that are replaced with real-time data. Click Extract Variables to display the variables in the text area below.
b. Click Clear to clear all data from the dialog box.
c. Click Load Template to add a template to the message.
You can click Add to add a new template. Click Import to import templates. Click Edit to edit the template.
3. Click OK to complete the configuration of the Email Adapter. This action also automatically opens the Dataslot Mapping dialog box.