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Managed Adapters Guide
Email Managed Adapter : Working with the Email Adapter : Defining mapping

Defining mapping

After configuring the Email Adapter, you must define the mapping of your process dataslots to adapter inputs/outputs. When you click OK in the Email Adapter Configurator, the Dataslot Mapping dialog box appears. The number of tabs displayed in this dialog depends on the number of adapter components (or parts) that were defined during configuration. In this example, we defined three parts during in the Email Adapter Configurator, and there are three tabs—Subject, Body and Attachment—displayed in addition to the Message tab.
To define mapping:
1. In the Message tab, map the dataslot to the To parameter to provide the recipient’s e-mail address. You can also map dataslots to the Cc and Bcc fields — either to a CHARACTER dataslot or LIST dataslot, or to a constant that is defined by directly typing a comma-separated list of addresses in each of the fields.
2. In the Subject tab, map the variables defined during the configuration of Velocity Template to relevant dataslots.
3. In the Body tab, map dataslots to previously defined parameters — the values from the dataslots are used to generate the body of the message; that is, the order form.
4. In the Attachment tab, map the Document dataslot to the Attachment parameter. For more information, see Using the Attachment plug-in.
5. With dataslot mapping completed, click OK to complete the Email Adapter definition. The Email Adapter is now ready to use.
If the "Cc" or "Bcc" field is mapped to a null CHARACTER dataslot, the Email Adapter ignores it. However, you can change this default behaviour. To do so, on the Configuration tab of the Properties view, click Configure to open the Email Adapter Configurator window. In this window, click the Configuration tab. On this tab in the Extra Properties text box, by default, the following options are set to ‘true’, set these options to ‘false’.
Note: If any or both of these options are set to 'false' the adapter is suspended if a non-initialized CHARACTER dataslot is mapped to the Cc: and/or Bcc: fields.