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Managed Adapters Guide
JMS Managed Adapter : Tutorial 3: Using the JMS Adapter in Send-Only and Receive-Only mode : Configuring the JMS Adapter for the Receive workstep

Configuring the JMS Adapter for the Receive workstep

To configure the Receive workstep:
1. Double-click the Receive workstep to open its Properties view.
2. Verify that the JMS Managed Adapter is the performer. If not, click the ellipsis button beside the Performer field. Select the GenericJMS Adapter directly from the list of predefined adapters. Click OK.
3. Click the Configuration tab and then click Configure, to open the JMS Adapter Configurator dialog box.
4. Select the Receive option in the Adapter Mode list.
5. Click the Incoming Message tab. Configure the format of the response message in the same way as the outgoing message. Verify the field names and types to confirm that they match the message we are expecting.
6. Click OK to complete JMS Adapter configuration, and automatically open the Dataslot Mapping dialog box.