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Managed Adapters Guide
JMS Managed Adapter : Tutorial 1: Using the JMS Adapter in Send-Only mode : Configuring the JMS Adapter for Send-Only mode

Configuring the JMS Adapter for Send-Only mode

To configure JMS adapter for send-only mode:
1. Click the Configuration tab of the JMS adapter workstep Properties view and then click Configure to open the JMS Adapter Configurator dialog box.
2. From the Adapter Mode drop-down list, select the Send option. By default, "jms/BMConnectionFactoryXA" is provided as the Connection Factory (JNDI Name); you can change this default name if required. Enter a target Queue Name (JNDI Name); in this case, enter Q1.
3. Since we have set the JMS Adapter to work in Send-Only mode, there are only outgoing messages, and responses are not expected. As a result, the Incoming Message tab is inactive.
4. Click the Outgoing Message tab to define the format of the message to be published.
5. Notice the two tabs, Payload and Properties. The Payload tab is used to define the parameters to be included in the message body (payload); and the Properties tab is used to define the format, or custom properties, in the message header. For this tutorial, let us configure all our product data to go in the message payload.
6. To start defining the message payload fields, click Add. The Parameter Editor dialog box displays.
7. Define a parameter named "ID" and select the data type as Long. Use this field to store the Product ID code when we publish our messages.
8. Similarly, create the rest of the fields. After defining all fields, the Outgoing Message format tab appears.
9. At this point, the basic JMS Adapter configuration is completed. Click OK to close the JMS Adapter Configurator and automatically open the Dataslot Mapping dialog box.