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Managed Adapters Guide
FTP Managed Adapter : Working with the FTP Adapter : Configuring the FTP Adapter : Accessing files on a remote FTP server
Accessing files on a remote FTP server
You can map an input or output to a file located on a remote FTP server.
To access files on a remote FTP server:
1. Select the FTP Server option in either the Source Location or Target Location tab to map the corresponding input or output to a file located on a remote FTP server.
2. Specify the FTP Server’s host name, optionally the port name (if different than the default, 21), the Username and Password, the complete path of the directory and the name of the file located in the remote Business Process Server. If you want to use the default FTP directory, enter "." for the Directory parameter.
3. Additionally, you can select the ASCII Mode check box, if you want your file to be transferred as a text document, or the Passive checkbox if you want to connect to the FTP server in Passive mode (for instance, in order to bypass a firewall).
4. Click OK in the Dataslot Mapping dialog box that appears to complete the mapping. If you do not supply any of the server parameters in the FTP Adapter Configurator, a prompt to map the missing values to dataslots appears.
Again, if you do not provide a file name for a target FTP destination, the file name will be the same as the name of the source file. Note, however, that the Username, Password and Server name are required in all cases.