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First Steps Guide
Managing your tasks : Managing Assigned tasks : Reassigning tasks : From the Task List page
From the Task List page
To reassign a task from the Task List page:
1. In the Task List page, select the task that you want to reassign to another user.
If you want to reassign many tasks to the same person, then you can also choose multiple tasks.
2. Specify a user name in the Reassign text box.
Alternatively, you can search for a user to whom you can assign, by clicking the Search Creator () icon to locate and assign the task to another user.
Note: You can reassign a task only to a single user.
3. Click Reassign.
Business Process Portal reassigns the current task to the new user, but does not mark the task as completed.
The task is removed from your Task List and added in the assigned user’s Task List.