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BPM Events User's Guide
XML messages : XML type

XML type

XML type is defined using a notation similar to the one used for XPath. It consists of a prefix and an element name. Its format is as follows:
Prefix ":" elementName
Whenever an XML event is processed by a rule, the correct XML type must be specified.
Rule A triggered by
  Evet1 of po:PurchaseOrder
Then {
This syntax allows narrowing down the scope of XML data, and provides efficient caching framework for both schemed and non-schemed XML data. This notation provides similar expression for conditioned case to XPath notation.
As explained in the namespace description, XML type represents the same type as long as prefixes are bound to the same URI value. For example, type ‘po1:purchaseOrder’ and ‘po2:purchaseOrder’ are of the same type when po1 and po2 are bound to the same URI.
For example,
namespace po1="";
namespace po2="";