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BPM Events User's Guide
The rule language : Rule structure : Syntactical conventions and limitations

Syntactical conventions and limitations

When writing rules in BPM Events, please use the following conventions:
*Every name and keyword in the rule language is case sensitive.
*When creating rules, do not use restricted Java key words in the rule syntax.
*Some names have limits on their length, primarily due to database restrictions.
*The attribute names of an event are case sensitive (for example, the standard event attributes type, value, date, should always be lower case).
*Make infopad names less than or equal to 21 characters, though the Business Process Server database accepts infopads with longer names.
*Make Application names (as they appear in the rule module headers, as well as in the PROCESS TEMPLATENAME attribute of BP Server events) no longer than 18 characters.
*The type field of an event should contain a character string less than 20 characters.
*Make the name of a scheduled item less than 255 characters (see the schedule(): Scheduling a future event).
*Put any string value (except attribute or variable names/keywords) between double quotes.