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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : BPM Events Admin: BPM Events administrator utility : Server Monitor menu

Server Monitor menu

The Server Monitor menu allows monitoring and controlling the server.
Server Monitor menu:
============ Server Monitor ============
0) Back
1) Print Status
2) Suspend
3) Resume
4) Stop
5) Start
Enter your selection (0 - 6):
*0) Back: Exits from Server Monitor and returns you to the main menu.
*1) Print Status: Shows the server status:
*STARTED: The server is in a state of processing events. It can then be either stopped ("stop") or suspended ("suspend").
*STOPPED. The server is stopped. This is equivalent to a shutdown. No state is preserved in memory. If the server is restarted, then its state is reinitialized with the recovery backup. The only available transition from this state is to restart the server ("start").
*2) Suspend: Suspends the server (status: SUSPENDED): no event is processed from the database queue. The server retains its internal state (loaded applications and objects). The expected transition is then to "resume" or to "stop".
*3) Resume: Resumes the server processing, after being suspended.
*4) Stop: "Logically" shuts down the BPM Events server. All internal state is lost.
*5) Start: Restarts the BPM Events server. This is equivalent to an initial start: the recovery procedure recovers the state the server was in when last stopped or shutdown.