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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : BPM Events Admin: BPM Events administrator utility : Rule Manager menu

Rule Manager menu

The Rule Manager menu shows the currently loaded rules, and their status.
============ Rule Manager ============
0) Back
1) Show Current Rules
2) Show Enabled Rules
3) Disable Rules
4) Enable Rules
Enter your selection (0 - 4):
*0) Back: Returns you to the main menu.
*1) Show Current Rules: Displays currently loaded rules, optionally by groups. For example, the three rules below belong to the application BP_test_suites, the module DateTests.
The application name is required.
*2) Show Enabled Rules: Shows only the enabled rules, that is, those currently used for processing events.
*3) Disable Rule: Disables a rule, a rule module, or an application.
*4) Enable Rule: Enables a rule, a rule module, or an application.