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BPM Events User's Guide
Accessing Java objects and EJB components : Rule language extensions

Rule language extensions

Extending the BPM Events rule language into the Java environment enables you to perform the following:
*Mapping data types. Table 14 lists BPM Events types and their Java counterparts.
*Creating java objects. Use the "new" constructor operator to create a Java object.
*Catching and throwing java exceptions. Catching and throwing Java exceptions is not supported in rule conditions. For more information, see Exception catching and Exception throwing .
*Creating rules with Vector and other complex Java objects. Cast operator is introduced.
*Creating new event types in java. BPM Eventss can be defined and named in Java, like any other types, and referenced in declarations or in rule header. We have added an event constructor, using structural notation that accepts complex object attributes.
* Mapping data types
* Object instantiation
* Static method invocation or property access
* Instance method invocation or property access
* Exception catching
* Exception throwing
* Using complex Java objects in rules
* Using external java objects in rules