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BPM Events User's Guide
The rule language : Rule structure : Rule condition as a logical expression

Rule condition as a logical expression

A rule condition is a logical expression built with boolean operators and, or, and not. Using these operators, the rule condition may combine several simple conditions. A simple condition is a relational expression, for example:
(EVT_1.age < 21)
Simple conditions may contain event variables, as well as infopad references. They are described in Event variables and expressions. The value of a relational expression is true or false depending on the content of its event variables.
Example 1: The following rule condition is true when EVT_1 is substituted with an event reporting a subscription, for a person less than 21, from California or Nevada.
(EVT_1.formtype = "subscription") and
((EVT_1.state = "California") or
(EVT_1.state = "Nevada")) and
(toInt(EVT_1.age) < 21)