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BPM Events User's Guide
Event channels : The JMS event channel : postJMS predefined rule action

postJMS predefined rule action

You can also post a JMS message into a JMS message queue from a rule action using the postJMS predefined rule action.
fun create_jms_event(a: string, b: string, c: string): XML {
  val xml = getXML(a, b, c);
  val type_id = "%XML<\"purchaseOrder\",\"\">";
  return createJMSEvent(xml, type_id, map{"a":"z", "b":"1111"});
}postJMS("queue", "BPEventQueue", create_jms_event("1223.25", "150.00", "NY"));
You can also post several messages to the same queue at the same time: postJMS("queue", "jms/BPEventQueue", msg1, msg2, msg3);