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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : BPM Events Admin: BPM Events administrator utility : Persistent Structure Monitor menu

Persistent Structure Monitor menu

The Persistent Structure Monitor menu shows the Infopad Monitor and Persistent Map Monitor submenus. The Infopad Monitor submenu shows state of currently loaded infopads whereas the Persistent Map Monitor submenu allows you to view and modify map instance details.
============ Persistent Structure Monitor ============
0) Back
1) Infopad Monitor
2) Persitent Map Monitor
Enter your selection (0 - 2):
*0) Back: Returns you to the main menu.
*1) Infopad Monitor: Displays the "Infopad Monitor" submenu.
*2) Persistent Map Monitor: Displays the "Persistent Map Monitor" submenu.
* Infopad Monitor submenu
* Persistent Map Monitor submenu