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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : The rule development cycle : Starting and operating the BPM Events server : Log files and output files
Log files and output files
The log file for the BPM Events server is bpmevents.log. This log file captures most messages or errors regarding BPM Events, therefore when a problem occurs check this file first. Each error message reports the rule name and the details of the event that triggered the rule when the error occurred. You may specify the desired level of detail of errors in the bpmevents.conf file.
Alternatively, you can also set the log levels, format, file size, and backup archive files using the Log configuration interface in Business Process Portal’s Administration module. For more information, see "Chapter 12, Using the Log Viewer" in Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide.
When developing and debugging, we recommend relying on the print function (println()), with a text file as output. The default output is bpmevents.output, located under the BPM Events folder. The println() function can print any non-string object, by converting them automatically. It is then easy to print the content of events by giving the event variable as argument.