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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : Troubleshooting cases : Fixing by upgrading application

Fixing by upgrading application

Troubleshooting Scenario #2: To fix with application upgrade.
1. Bring the stalled server to a STOPPED state, with the BPM Events Admin utility ("Stop" command). After this operation, the engine state is not lost, but is ready for recovery from the database.
2. Discard the persistent image of the server state. This discards the current recovery data so that the server starts from a clean slate.
*Run this command if you have BPM Events component only:
setupBPMEvents -c state
*Or run this command if you have the Business Process Server:
setupOEBPS -c BPMEvents
3. Fix the problem (change and recompile your rule modules).
4. Restart the server using the BPM Events Admin utility ("Start" command). The state should show STARTED when queried.
Note: BPM Events Admin utility itself does not require restarting. The engine then restarts with an empty state (no recovery).
5. Reload the application.
Note: Events generated in the database from the previous application run, but not yet processed, are processed then. The user may actually manipulate the "event counter" in the database (see database queries section) so that the engine starts from the desired event, if needed.