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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : BPM Events Admin: BPM Events administrator utility : File Manager menu

File Manager menu

The File Manager menu enables you to browse and recompile the rule modules currently stored under the application directories.
============ File Manager ============
0) Back
1) Show Stored Applications
2) Show Stored Modules
3) Compile Application
4) Compile All Modules of Application
5) Compile Module
Enter your selection (0 - 5):
*0) Back: Returns you to the main menu.
*1) Show Stored Applications: Shows all the applications currently available under the root application.
*2) Show Stored Modules: Shows all the rule modules currently available under an application folder.
*3) Compile Application: Compiles the given application (that is, the rule file <appName>_rules and all imported modules). This is equivalent to RuleCompiler -a <appName>.
*4) Compile All Modules of Application: Compiles all the modules under an application folder.
*5) Compile Module: Compiles a module under an application folder.