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BPM Events User's Guide
Persistent structures : Persistent maps : Defining persistent maps, keys, and values

Defining persistent maps, keys, and values

A persistent map can have a key-value pair. The key is a string and the value is an object. The object can have following different attributes:
*String of characters (string)
*Integer (int)
*Real number (float).
The following code example represents how an attribute and its type is defined:
The previously mentioned attributes are explained below:
*avg_resp_time, a number of type real, records the average response time of all requests monitored to date (the time unit depends on the application and is matter of interpretation: it could be seconds, minutes, hours, etcetera).
*max_time, a number of type integer, records the maximum response time recorded to date.
*current_user, a string of characters, records the user ID of the last monitored request.