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BPM Events User's Guide
Understanding BPM Events : The BP Server event protocol : Context of BP Server events

Context of BP Server events

The content of the context event attribute depends on the value of the event. However, all BP Server events relating to a process instance have the process template name in their context, plus instance ID attributes:
RPID:<root process instance id>
The PROCESSINSTANCEID value is only unique for a given PROCESSTEMPLATENAME. The PROCESSINSTANCENAME attribute value is unique across applications. It is usually the concatenation of the PROCESSTEMPLATENAME and the PROCESSINSTANCEID attributes.
The event context contains the names and values of dataslots belonging to the associated process instance. These dataslots are:
*The standard dataslots, identified by their name written with upper-case only characters.
*The application dataslots, with at least one lower case character.