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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : BPM Events Admin: BPM Events administrator utility : BPM Events Admin main menu

BPM Events Admin main menu

The main interface separates the functional areas:
============ Host : localHost ============
0) Back
1) Server Monitor
2) Loader
3) Rule Manager
4) Persistent Structure Monitor
5) Event Manager
6) Scheduler
7) File Manager
8) JMS
Enter your selection (1 - 8):
*0) Back: Exits from BPM Events Admin. Note that this does not stop the BPM Events server. It is possible to restart BPM Events Admin to connect again to the same server instance (as an EJB client, in the standard configuration). If you decide to also stop the server, then it should be done independently.
*1) Server Monitor: Enables you to control the server, and observe whether it is operational.
*2) Loader: Enables for operations on the rules of an application: load / unload.
*3) Rule Manager: Shows the rules that are currently loaded and their state.
*4) Persistent Structure Monitor: Shows the Infopad Monitor and Persistent Map Monitor submenus.
*5) Event Manager: Shows the events in event cache.
*6) Scheduler: Shows the current status of scheduled events.
*7) File Manager: Enables for managing (browsing and compiling) rule modules.
*8) JMS: Enables for managing listeners to JMS queries.