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BPM Events User's Guide
Persistent structures : Infopads : Creating infopads : Accessing infopads across modules
Accessing infopads across modules
Rules (from the same application or from another application) may require accessing an infopad defined in a different module. Assume the infopad myMonthlyTable is defined in module M1, and that a rule in module M2 requires accessing it. In such a case, write the module M2 as follows:
*It must import the module M1. This is done in the header of M2: (M2 import M1)
*Qualify each reference to the infopad in M2 by the imported module name: M1::myMonthlyTable. In case M1 and M2 belong to different applications, then qualify each reference in addition to the foreign application name: App1::M1::myMonthlyTable
Note: In the current Business Process Server version, it is not possible to have "circular" imports, that is, M1 imports M2 and M2 imports M1. This means that if M2 can access infopads defined in M1, then the reverse is not possible.