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Customization Guide
Customizing password security : IPasswordSecurityData


The following table provides you a brief description about the methods related to each policy provided in each of the interfaces.

Policy and methods

Table 7. Policy and methods
Change At First Login
Checks if the policy to change the password at first login is enabled.
Password Expiration/Longevity
Checks if the password longevity is enabled.
getLongevity(int type)
Provides the validity (in days) of the specified password type.
Notification on Password Expiration
Checks if the policy to notify the user about the password expiration.
Returns the days before password expiration notification is to be send.
It is recommended to use the following XML to manage the above data in their custom implementation so that it will be consistent with the metadata.
<ChangeAtFirstLogin enable="true"/>
<Longevity enable="true">
<PasswordExpiration type="user" afterDays="90">
<Notify enable="true">
<BeforeExpiration days="3"/>
Important: The custom implementation should handle the reading and setting of the appropriate values in the implementation class.