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Customization Guide
Customizing User Management Java interface : Customizing the userManager interface

Customizing the userManager interface

If you want to implement, custom realm, perform the following:
1. Provide your custom realm classes in this umext.jar file.
This is an empty jar file available with BP Server installation.
This file is available at two places: OEBPS_HOME\lib and WEBAPP_HOME\web-inf\lib folder.
Important: The umext.jar with custom realm classes should be provided in both the locations mentioned above.
2. Provide the following configuration parameter changes in umacl.conf file.
a. Specify Custom for usermgr.realm.type value.
b. Provide fully qualified custom implementation class name for usermgr.realm.provider value.
The following table lists the parameter values you have to set in umacl.conf file for customizing the user manager interface.
Parameter name
Parameter value
‘jdbc’ or ‘ldap’ or ‘ldaphybrid’ or ‘custom’
Realm type
Fully qualified class name of the realm implementation class, if the usermgr.realm.type parameter is set to ‘custom’. If the usermgr.realm.type parameter is set to any value other than ‘custom’, then this parameter value is ignored.
User realm implementation