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Customization Guide
Customizing the Business Process Portal : BPM Single Sign-on API

BPM Single Sign-on API

Single sign-on architecture provides the following:
*Single point of authentication for access to all Business Process Server features.
*Intercepts unauthorized access to Business Process Server features.
The single sign-on capability provides portal users access to Business Process Server features, based on their access permission.
Business Process Server allows BPM Sign-on to add single sign-on capability to Business Process Server portals. BPM Sign-on API is a servlet that:
*Intercepts a portal user’s request to login to Business Process Server.
*Authenticates users, if they have not been authenticated already.
*Has the ability to redirect to a previously requested resource.
To login to Business Process Portal:
1. Enter the following URL in your browser,http://<host_name>:<port_number>/sbm/bpmportal/login.jsp
The Login page is displayed as shown below:
Figure 5. Business Process Portal Login page
The file, login.jsp, is a customizable login page which prompts users to enter their user name and password. This information goes to the BPM Sign-on API Servlet which then creates a session and redirects the user to their Home page. If a session is declared invalid due to a time out, then the user is redirected to the Business Process Portal Login page and may resume after providing a valid user name and password.
Note: The Business Process Portal session timeout is controlled by the application server. Please refer to the application server documentation for information on how to modify the session timeout value.