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Customization Guide
Customizing Login pages using BPM Sign-on API : BPM Sign-on API Filter

BPM Sign-on API Filter

This is the filter deployed in the BPM Sign-on domain for guarding the Login page.
*BizPassFilter reads the context parameter BizPassHomeURL, which specifies the link that redirects to the home page, after a user directly accesses BPM Sign-on Login page.
*The domainTargetURL parameter is first retrieved from the request. If the parameter is not specified, the default value is taken as BizPassHomeURL. Then an HTTP session is created, and the domainTargetURL parameter value is mapped to the domainTargetURL session attribute.
*The domainLogoutURL parameter value needs to be added to the list of URLs (domainLogoutURLs session attribute) specifying the logout actions from the accessed domains protected by BPM Sign-on, to execute the global logout mechanism later on.
*The next time the BizPassFilter is invoked, the session creation may be skipped if a BPM Sign-on API session is detected, in which case the user is automatically redirected to the requested URL (domainTargetURL http parameter) using a Post method (BizPassUtilities.sendPostRedirect()), along with the user ID and password.